【ビデオ・オン・デマンド】2020/10/18発売 ながめくらしつ×スケラボ「…の手触り」〜昨日の手触り〜(8月配信作品 再編集版)


Our work is now available at Vimeo On Demand!

*English follows Japanese.

8月29日、30日に、現代サーカス集団〈ながめくらしつ〉とスケラボのコラボレーションで行われる予定だった、「…の手触り」〜昨日の手触り〜。 8月の沼津公演は残念ながら中止となってしまいましたが、事前収録した映像作品を配信いたしました。



Scale Laboratory 公式サイトより引用




Might be ln situ -yesterday- is performed by the contemporary circus group ”Nagamekurasitsu” in collaboration with Scale Laboratory.
The performance took place in Numazu RAKUUN, on 29th and 30th August, which is postponed.
We distributed a pre-recorded video instead of real performance.
For this time, we re-edited that video, and release at Vimeo On Demand.
There is a skeleton space at 8th floor, which is a former department store dining area, which looks like an abandoned building overlooking the city of Numazu.
The entire 8th floor will be used as a stage to spin the story.
Please experience the story born in Numazu whenever and wherever you are!
Photo by Kazuaki Kojima/FUN-PRO.