Nagamekurasitsu was formed by juggler Yosuke Meguro, with the aim of creating theatre-style art pieces which fuse juggling and music. Their first performance as a group was the piece "Hori no Soto no Juggling" in June 2008. Up until 2012 a total or five pieces were created, including "Nagamekurasitsu", "Nanika no Naka" and "Okinai Karada Nemuranai Atama", with Yosuke creating and performing the pieces, accompanied by accordion player Koharu, who composed and played music. To widen the scope of their work, Nagamekurasitsu produced "Nagamekurasitsu Bangaihen", an omnibus performance which focused on new young members of the group, and began activities outside of the theatre such as conducting workshops and performing at live houses and street performing festivals.


Nagamekurasitsu's juggling is not just simply about showing difficult juggling manoeuvres or throwing a large number of props. While acting in concert with live music, props such as balls and rings are used to guide the body, creating a unification of music and objects, and the spirits of the artists themselves. Nagamekurasitsu's performances, which encompass the coming and going of stillness and motion, a high level of technique, variety and creativity, have received high praise in numerous artistic circles.